Friday, January 22, 2016

Field Marshal Ayub Khan Pakistan President and the Starlet Christine Keeler

Ayub Khan and the Starlet Christine Keeler

  Field Marshal Ayub Khan was the first military general to lead Pakistan. This is certainly a well deserved title, but the General was also a flamboyant man who lived life to the hilt. He frequently traveled abroad and one of his favorite places was London.
In London he was often the guest at the imposing estate of Clivedon in Buckinghamshire. One may wonder what the Pakistan president was doing at this estate. ? Unlike later Pakistan presidents like Zia and Mushraff who dabbled in sending Jihadi fighters into Kashmir, Ayub Khan was more interested in other matters. This concerned a string of girls who frequented the swimming pool at Buckinghamshire. The girls were allowed to swim in the pool with the condition that to swim it had to be in the nude. This was loved by the girls who frolicked nude in the pool.
This was to the liking of general Ayub Khan who loved to swim and have fun in this pool. It was here he met Christine Keeler. This girl was a beautiful and sexy model. In addition she was not averse to sex with anybody and one of her lovers was the war minister John Profuma.
Christine Keeler met Ayub Khan at this pool and she was mighty impressed with the tall and heavily built Punjabi. In fact in an interview later she complimented the looks and masculine charm of Ayub Khan. He may have also swum with Rice Mandy Davis, a girl one third his age.
Christine Keeler was involved in the sex scandal of the early sixties that led to the suicide of Dr Ward. But Ayub had nothing to do with the suicide of Dr Ward. He was a simple man , out for fun. One can't grudge him that !