Friday, January 15, 2016

What a Victory of Donald Trump will Mean for the World

The US presidential election is on this year, which makes it a decisive year for the US and the world. The world is concerned as to who will be the next American president as it is the most powerful country in the world  and also the policeman of the globe. Terrorist groups and Islamic militants have thus a more than passing interest as to who the next president will be.

As things stand the 2 front runners are Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Hillary is sure to get the DEMOCRATIC  party nomination , while Trump leads the pack in the Republican party. Presently Trump has a 25 point lead over his nearest rival Ted Cruz. 

If Trump gets the nomination, he will take on Hillary. The contrast between the two is stark and real, with Trump giving out of box solutions for the ills afflicting America. Hillary is less Inspiring and represents the status quo. 

Trump is forthright in his comments añd he has piñned the ills affecting the US from economy to security squarely on Obama and the Democrats. He is clear that one of the greatest threats is from Muslims. The attacks by Muslims in the US with the 9/11 in background have generated fear. Donald has played on those fears and has asked for a blanket ban on any Muslim entering the US. He would also like Muslims in the US to be profiled, like the Japanese in WW II.

His victory haS grave consequences for Muslims, who have joined the ISI and similar groups in force. A Trump as president will mean a roll back of the policy of appeasement of Obama and a frontal attack on Islamic militancy. This will have wide ramifications and one hopes Trump will help crush ISI and its ilk. But I am sure it wont be a cake walk.