Friday, January 29, 2016

Where are the Women Body Guards of Maummar Gaddafi of Libya

Qaddafi is gone and everybody is writing about him being shot in the legs, dragged and killed. It's sad that the rule of law was not followed, but my mind veers to another facet of Qaddafi, his women body guards.
Gaddafi had defied conservative Islam by recruiting these women guards. These guards wore lipstick, make up, chic dresses and high heels and strutted about holding automatics.

They were also loyal and one of them named Leila, died by taking a hail of bullets meant for Gaddafi in 2008.
What we know is that these women when selected were all virgins, but once part of Gaddafi's force they all slept with him , two at a time by rotation in the nude. When Gaddafi was cornered these women guards just escaped or were asked to go by Gaddafi. Because in his hideout no women guards were traceable.
Where did the guards go? Now we know that some were caught by the revolutionary guards and shot but not after they had been raped any number of times. A few went back to their homes and melted into the crowds. After Gaddafi died, it was dangerous for the women guards to be seen and  all just shed their uniforms and tried to escape.

Gaddafi hanged many people sponsored international terrorism, but he kept al Qaeda at bay. The conservative Mullahs hated him for his liberalization of women as seen from his body guards. But Gaddafi didn't play by the rules and thus has paid a price with his life.

 Gaddafi has gone but the respite the west was hoping with a pro USA regime is shattered. The US ambassador has just been shot dead in Benghazi and that cannot be a good omen for the future. As far as women guards is concerned, we won't be seeing anything like them again as Libya veers towards a Islamic regime and the Sharia. Worse the ISI has a big foot print in Libya and all the USA can do is wring its hands. What a colossal mistake to remove Gaddafi