Monday, January 25, 2016

The Atomic Bombing of Germany was Never on the Cards

Would the Americans Have Used The Atomic Bomb on Germany?

On 6 August a Stratro- Fortress of the USAF dropped an Atomic bomb on Hiroshima. Two days later another bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and led to over 200,000 deaths. The after effects of radiation have continued till today.
The dropping of the Bombs on Japan is claimed by US apologists  to end the war and force Japan to surrender. In real terms the Japanese were already defeated and were just looking for a face saving way to hand over their arms and end the war.
Some facts which have now emerged make chilling reading. At no stage the Americans had any plans to use the weapon against Germany. At the same time the military wanted to use the weapon to see its 'effect'. It wanted to test the weapon. Thus a devious plan was made to use the weapon against some Asian country. Japan was a prime contender for this guinea pig experiment.
 The US Air Force had started a fire bombing of Japanese cities. But 3 cities namely Hiroshima, Nagasaki and Kyoto were spared this fire bombing raids. The plan to spare these cities from these bombing raids was to test the A Bomb on them and observe the effects. It was a scientific experiment. The US military and their scientists had no qualms that the bomb would cause unprecedented damage and thousands would die. The US scientists egged on the US government to 'test' the A bomb. Even Albert Einstein in a letter to the US President advocated that a A bomb be made. Why? Einstein later gave some lame excuse.
Thus the dropping of the A bombs was a heinous crime against humanity, which was perfected by US scientists and  President Truman. At no stage the USA had made any plans ever to bomb Germany. Even the famous fire bombing raids were not conducted on Germany.
The United States as a nation has a lot to  explain, for this rephrensible conduct. Yet the USA sits on a moral high ground and gives sermons to other nations.

The fact is the USA and the West consider lives of Asians and Africans cheap and that is the horrible truth