Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Steve Kinsman Forecasts Future of Bernie Sanders:President of USA?

An Astrological Assessment of Bernie Sanders - Can He Become Our Next President?

Bernie is surging
The latest polls show Bernie Sanders cutting into Hillary Clinton's once seemingly insurmountable lead, and that the corporate media will not be able to ignore his campaign for much longer.

With Uranus squaring Pluto these days, the nomination races in both parties reflect a powerful (Pluto) collective yearning for radical change (Uranus).

The horoscope of Bernie Sanders

The ruling planet of an individual's horoscope is the planet which rules the ascendant or rising sign. Since Bernie Sanders' ascendant is Scorpio, his ruling planet is Pluto, situated in his ninth house in Leo. The ninth house reveals one's belief system, one's world view, and this placement shows that he holds his beliefs firmly (Leo) and passionately (Pluto). What's more, Pluto in his birth chart is the first planet that rises before the Sun; it is the "planet of oriental appearance." In any individual's horoscope, the planet of oriental appearance is highly emphasized. It could be said the it "brings the special message of the person into full view." Bernie's intensity (Pluto) in terms of communicating his beliefs (9th house) is nothing short of immense. His ethics and his integrity (9th house) are also beyond reproach.

People who know Bernie say that he is all business when he relates to you. He has no time for small talk, for frivolous conversation. He engages you (7th house) seriously (Saturn) about the issues that concern him. It's all he ever talks about. This is emphasized by the fact that Saturn is closely conjunct the seventh house cusp. Moreover, Saturn's conjunction with Uranus is the mark of an individual who constantly challenges the status quo, or business as usual.

The Moon-Mars conjunction is the mark of a fighter, and in Aries it signifies one who will fight for new (Aries) ideas and agendas. Bernie could be accurately described as a political pioneer (Aries).

The Sun in his tenth house conjunct the north node shows he was destined to lead a life in the public eye and rise to great prominence in his field. Moreover, eight of the ten planets residing above the horizon also calls him to a very public life. His Sun in Virgo marks him as a critic (Virgo) of the system or established order (tenth house). Neptune's placement in the tenth house marks him as a man who must bring his ideals (Neptune) into his career (tenth house) and always be true to those ideals.

Jupiter's placement in Gemini, sextile (60 degree aspect) to the Moon-Mars conjunction and trine (120 degree aspect) to Venus marks his ability to easily (Venus-Jupiter) communicate (Jupiter in Gemini) his ideas to the public (Venus in house eleven), and to have his ideas generally well received. In other words, he has a talent (Jupiter) for gaining the collective ear of the people.

Can he be elected president?

In the bi-wheel chart above, Bernie's horoscope is in the inner wheel, and the outer wheel shows the transits at the start of election day, when the polls open at midnight in Dixville Notch, New Hampshire.

The transits are remarkable, and they suggest that if Bernie is nominated he will win in a landslide. Virgo is rising in the election day horoscope, putting Bernie's Sun in that chart's first house. The Moon forms a trine to Bernie's eleventh house Venus and a trine to his Jupiter. Moreover, it makes a sextile to the Moon-Mars conjunction. All of these aspects are highly fortunate, showing good fortune (Jupiter), popularity (Venus) and acceptance (Moon)

Pluto forms an exact trine to his Sun that day, suggesting an expansion of his power, and Saturn forms an exact square to his Sun that day as well, revealing a turning point in his destiny and the taking on of a burdensome responsibility, which assuming the presidency would most assuredly be.

My take on all of this is that Bernie Sanders, in one of the greatest upsets in American political history, will be elected the next president of the United States.