Monday, May 18, 2015

One Exponent of Tantra sex are the Aghori

The Aghori are a Vaisnavite sect of Hinduism. they are worshipers of fierce manifestation of Shiva, the Kaal Bhairov. They believe that Tantra sex gives them ESP and other powers

The Aghori

The Aghori clan are a sect of Hinduism that traces its lineage to 4000 BC.. They are a part of the Hindu faith and are believed to have split off from the Kapilka order around 1000 AD, but the practices and beliefs go back to 4000 BC or the Vedic age.
The Aghori are worshipers of the God Shiva. Actually they worship the fierce manifestation of Shiva the Lord Kaal Bhairov.They are an extremely secretive community and use sex as part of their rituals to achieve supernatural powers. The use of sex is part of the belief that orgasm and sex in  the company of the dead will give rise to super powers. It really is a form of channelizing of sexual energy and forms a part of tantra sex. This was propagated by Acharya Rajneesh and many men and women from the west  are influenced by it.

Sex in the Hindu Cremation Ground

The Aghori clans perform tantric sex in a graveyard of the Hindus where the ashes of the cremated are strewn. The ritual involves smearing a naked woman with the ashes in the grave yard and consummation of the act to the beat of drums and recitations of mantras. These mantras are the one that help release the sexual energy and leads to powers like ESP.

In the sex act the man and woman take the form of Shiva and his consort Shakti. In many case the ritual involves sex with menstruating women and subsequent release of sexual energy.

Experiences of Some foreignors

I have attended a session of the Aghori ritual at Ujjain . I have also met 2 women who had come all the way from America to take part in this ritual. They had problems, but it will be wrong to relate them here. But I must state that two sessions with the Aghori and the sexual ritual worked wonders and their problems vanished.
They were not used to sex in a gathering on a dark night with the blowing of conch shells and singing of hymns. But after two Indian girls had gone through the ritual they took the plunge. One of them confessed to me that she felt she was on a cloud floating up and up in the sky and for her it was the most uplifting experience. Obviously this ritual needs further study.

Last Word

This clan has its headquarters at Varanasi in Utter Pradesh. Many foreigners flock to this ashram in the hope of achieving ESP and other powers. Though this part of the act of developing super powers through sex is not substantiated, the fact remains that many men of this Aghori clan do have subtle powers that cannot be explained. i met an Aghori who asked me to catch both his hands and when I caught them I found that one hand became ice cold and the other became so hot that i had to drop it. I am told a swami along with Vivekananda also did the same in USA before a gathering. So there is definitely something in this Aghori ritual.
A warning. I was told that one American man joined in to have fun. He enjoyed , but as his aim was unclean,  the repercussions were terrible as the man became mad. So tread with caution.