Tuesday, May 26, 2015

OROP won't come; BJP and Modi betray Services, what Next?

The First COAS. The devaluation started from hs time

I had written a few months back that OROP won't be sanctioned. There were some good men who held a contrary view. They were sure that Modi is a man of his word and the sanction was just around the corner, These simple and good men were taking what ever they were told as a gospel truth. Having spent time in the civil and corporate world, I knew it wouldn't happen for the simple reason that army top brass had frittered away their bargaining power. Secondly the leaders in the government like Arun Jaitley are small men with a limited horizon and they can't understand what morale is and also how important an armed force is for projection of a nation in world polity.
The net result is that now the demand is stymied at the highest source and that is Modi himself. Now there is nobody to who the ESM association can turn to except write pleading letters to Modi and party. This was expected by me, as politicians only act when put under pressure. Just see the banking unions have got a 15% pay hike and the services are shown two fingers.

The demand was put on the back burner by the previous Congress government for 10 years and its little consolation that Rahul is asking for sanction of OROP now. How sincere is he? In case a man like Modi can be change colours , will Rahul get the sanction if voted back.?

The fact is Modi and party know that the ESM association has no teeth. The army chief is a cipher and hence OROP won't come. There is a need for a proactive approach. Maybe Rahul is sincere and its best to join him. The COAS , who heads a force that holds India together must assert himself.  There is to be no begging for a right and small men like Jaitley must be shown their place. Onwards men, the future will always be brighter than the present.

Sadder still is a statement by the CNS ( Chief of naval Staff) that there is nothing to worry and OROP will definitely come. What does he mean? 3 decades have already elapsed and thousands of ex servicemen have gone to the next world. Does he mean let another few thousand die, so that liability is reduced and gives a handle to the civilian authorities that as too much time has elapsed it is administratively impossible to sanction OROP ? Just watch this will be a stumbling  bock and the BJP may take it as a lifeline to dilute OROP or delay it indefinately