Sunday, May 24, 2015

Memoir : Love is great Rememberence

I first saw the Ural on a sunday morning. it was a monster of a bike and packed 750 cc of power.  It was a copy of the BMW R 7 and the Russians had done a good piece of reverse engineering in producing the bike. Bikes have always been my love and when I pressed the self starter the bike spurted to life. I checked the fuel gauge and saw the tank was almost full, so I could go anywhere  up to 300 miles in the Siberian wastes.

I sat on my bike and waited. I was waiting for my gal Olga. She was a Russian servicewoman, my aide and now my lover. Strange indeed are the ways of the lord. Here I was at a Soviet air base in Siberia and going for a date in desolate  plains with Russian gal, who was not only my aide but my lover as well.

Olga had been assigned to help me as she knew English. I didn't disclose that I knew Russian. It was a pleasant first encounter and its hard not to admit that lascivious thoughts did flit through my mind, she was of medium height, not very tall, but slim and petite. She was gorgeously fair with streaks of golden hair and large expressive eyes that accentuated her sexuality. Olga in short was an extremely desirable girl.

Once I met her, I gave her many jobs to do and very soon I had an insane desire to know more about her. I demanded her I Card with a view to know more about her. She gave me her I card and I scanned it. She was from a small town close to Moscow and was 26 years old. I had a pang of jealousy as I wondered that at 26 she couldn't be a virgin. I wondered how many men had slept with her?  These are crazy thoughts, but can you oust them from your mind. Hold on man! I told myself, don't lose your sense for  a Russian NCO, who tomorrow will go and sleep with someone else. Here I was to be wrong,but at 42 life is something you want to cling as long as possible.
" look" my Commodore had told me" no dating a NCO, these girls are trained by Russians and they will honeytrap you and the god knows what will happen.".
I had nodded my head in acquiescence, my mind still thinking of Olga . frankly I cared two hoots for the commodores advice, intent to see how Olga looked bare as Christ had made her.

Days passed and Olga became close to me. I don't think it had anything to do with Russian training, for that was all bull. It was that nobody had till date treated her with respect. This was new to her. Once I picked her from outside the guard room and drove her to a coffee shop. It was fun, though Olga and me in uniforms looked out of place there.
" Look Olga" I said" you are the sweetest girl I ever met".
This surprised her and she murmured " it can't be true"
" yes" I replied" every word of what I say is true".

Coffee over we headed back to my quarter and she swiftly went inside to make my bed. I entered and told her that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Then I said something that showed that Olga was fast becoming an obsession wit me.
" I want to see you as god made you".
There was a long silence and the she smiled
" OK, you can see me, but promise you won't touch me".

I nodded in assent and Olga vanished into the next room.  I waited for a minute and tentatively turned the knob. The door opened and then the light went out. It was dark and it began to rain. Thunder clapped and lightening flashed. In one of the streaks I saw Olga naked in the room. It was a split second view and I was simply enchanted with what I saw in that flash. Descriptions are odious , so all I will say that she looked almost like a handmaiden from heaven. Maybe a hourie from Islamic paradise. I kept my word and ventured no further and came back to my room. But the picture of her upturned breasts and profusion of curls on her mons was something I had never seen.

After a few moments Olga came out, fully dressed and rushed into my arms. We kissed and kissed, it was heavenly. Is this paradise ? I thought. She left in moment and then the commodore called.
" heck man, what hell were you ding in a coffee shop with a NCO?"
He was angry and threatened to report me.. I listened and said nothing. My mind had already taken a decision. Hell with the commodore, Olga was much more precious.
I went away and dialled Olga.
" Olga, can I date you for Saturday and Sunday.?"
" where"
" In the Siberian forests, come with me. I have managed a bike"

That was how I waited for Olga in a side lane. She came, I was sure she would come.  In a moment I revved the engine and we were off. The bike ran very well and soon we moved on a dirt track. Now it began to rain and it became cold. I drove the bike on and soon saw a log hut. What romance, a log hut in the Siberian woods, with water all around and a lovely girl for company.

We entered and wordlessly kissed. I undressed her and laid her on the wooden was heavenly sex as we dissipated our passion. Never used protection as I vicariously hoped something will happen.. All we had was a Thermos of hot coffee and some beef sandwiches got packed by me.. The desire to posses Olga was almost hedonist, maybe Lucifer came, but later so did god. It was the greatest 2 days of my life.

The commodore didn't report me and I came back. Then I got a letter. It had two lines only. It read" I am so happy , I am with child. Please come"
This was a fairy tale ending as I packed to go to Russia on leave.