Sunday, May 17, 2015

Narendra Modi ? Maybe he is India's Man of Destiny after 6 Decades

Narendra Modi has stepped into the chair vacated by that silly man Man Mohan Singh. He is the Prime Minister of India and despite all his faults, one can grudgingly concede that he is the best thing to have happened to India since 1947. History says that the hour finds the man and there is a possibility that after a string of insipid prime minister's India we  have a man who can lead from the front.

A look at the past Prime Ministers will show that Modi is  ahead in more ways than one. Jwaharlal Nehru ruled for 17 years, but he failed to realize that military power is the standing of a nation. He was outmaneuvered by Mao and left behind intractable legacies like the border problem with China, Weakened India's Kashmir case and divided India on linguistic lines, thus ushering in a divisive society. Nehru was followed by his daughter Indira Gandhi. She spoilt her copybook by authorising the storming of the Golden Temple and her son Rajiv Gandhi allowed a massacre of 10,000 Sikhs , some in broad daylight on the streets of Delhi, an Act that even Hitler did not allow to the Jews on the streets of Berlin.

Some more insipid names come up like IK Gujral Deve Gowda and yes, even the BJP earlier PM , Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Overall it was a period also of a biased interpretation of secularism, which meant pampering the  main minority.

Modi thus had a herculean task and in one year he has accomplished more than some of the prime ministers did in 10 years.

Modi is not only a mass media man, but he is a man who has made the heads of the world leaders turn towards India. It started with Obama who as a first attended the Republic day parade  at Delhi and then followed his visits to Australia and Canada and he was lionized as a great man who has brought about change. Time magazine has put him on its cover and the caption says "why Modi matters".

Modi's recent visit to China is another interesting example of his leadership from the front. He has not hesitated to put  his cards on the table and call a spade a spade and despite this got $ 22 billion in joint investments in India from Chinese business.

Modi is going great guns, but he appears a one man army as all his other leaders are all lack luster men. Look at Rajnath Singh, or Modi of Bihar,The Gujarat CM,  and one can hardly see a man who can sway the masses. In this Modi is a crowd puller and a leader. There are men like Nitesh Kumar sulking and jealous of all this, but I am afraid they can only bark and not bite and I am sure they may well be consigned to the dustbin of history.

Modi however has to build on his gains. He cannot rest as the journey ahead is hard and he is a one man show. Modi leads and India looks safe, for once we have a leader who is one of the masses and not an elitist yes man. Come to think of it, what a shame Man Mohan was Prime Minister of India .He was good at "ba ba blacksheep, three bags full...." Modi is above that. Lets hope he builds and does not flounder like Nehru who died a broken men, scorned by the world.

Two men who ruled India for 27 years and have precious little to show as an achievement.