Monday, May 18, 2015

Nawaz Sharif the Pak PM plays Second Fiddle to Army Chief

Nawaz Sharif came to power with a thumping majority. He thought the time had come when he would be the de facto and de jure leader of Pakistan. In particular he was keen to sideline the Pakistan army from the political arena. Perhaps Nawaz was wary of the army, which had ousted him from power twice earlier. In the second case he was tried for treason and sentenced to exile in Saudi Arabia for 10 years.
But the plot has turned sour and one reason is a sly campaign by Imran Khan to make him resign and somehow get the army into the drivers seat. Imran has some links with the army and he assumed the army would oust Sharif. The old days are however over and the army chief  General Raheel Sharif refused to bite the bullet.
Imran achieved one thing, he undermined an elected government and the result is that Nawaz is no longer the power he was. He has to share the space in all arenas with the army chief. Even in any conference we find the army chief sitting as an equal to the PM. This must be galling to Nawaz, but the fact is the army chief clearly runs the show.
Nawaz Sharif has very little options open to him. He is like a lesser of 2 equals vs the army chief. I am afraid he has to lump it as he is  greatly weakened man politically. Nawaz must have realised , that what he had planned and hoped cannot happen and the army chief will remain the real power in Pakistan.