Sunday, May 24, 2015

Rahul Gandhi is Rejuvenated man now

The Congress went to the polls after ruling for 10 years. This, 
I am afraid is one of the bleakest periods of Indian history after 1947. With scant disregard of the wishes of the Indian people a political novice and a man with no sense of history, in effect an ineffectual man named Man Mohan Singh was hoisted on the Indian people. He was made the PM of 1.2 billion people. I wonder if such a charade has ever been committed in Indian history.

Such a man was bound to fail and this was reflected in the 2014 election when the Congress was wiped out winning just 44 seats. To top it the Congress leader Rahul Gandhi played a lack lustre role and failed to match the  BJP  mascot Narendra Modi. Many were despondent, but the majority looked forward to the promised "achee din".

Unfortunately the Achee Din have not materialised and there was a chink in the BJP armour. The saying that the hour finds the man is true and Rahul did some introspection. He went on  a 59 days Sabbath to  introspect and on his return a new Rahul has emerged. He has started a strong campaign against Modi. He is helped by the fact that Modi has been sitting on plenty of inaction. Modi has not given the promised OROP for soldiers, bungled on the land bill and overall created the image of a weak internal polity with just bombastic talk and no action, be it Kashmir or industry or anything.

Rahul has seized the moment and he is getting favourable response. Its a rejuvenated Rahul and given his lineage, he may well succeed.