Saturday, May 23, 2015

No OROP yet: Time to Press Acceletor

The much awaited OROP hasn't yet appeared. So many conflicting reports are floating around. Some say approved, some say Modi will announce on 26 May : the day the UPA led by the BJP will complete one year in office and what not. The fact is the BJP has as yet not bitten the bullet and its anybody's guess they will do so.

The servicemen both retired and serving must redraw their red lines. There is no point in keeping all eggs with Modi , in the fond hope he will " do something". Its good that a section of ex servicemen has met Rahul Gandhi in this matter. Rahul has assured all out support. Not only Rahul, but the soldiers must publicise all and sundry about the non approval of OROP ,one year down the line.  In fact the demand should have been accepted in the first 3 months of BJP rule. The warning bells should have rung then itself.

One should not forget that services are the last priority in India and Modi has followed his earlier peers in this. Its sad that a man who started his election campaign with a speech to ex soldiers that he will bring in OROP has developed feet of clay.

The services must keep up the pressure and one hopes the new Rahul may well be the  catilyist for this.