Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Historically Indian Leaders have Played Second Fiddle to China

Recently there was a news item about the figures of defence expenditure and it was observed that while the Chinese budget touched $ 124 billion, the Indian budget was just about $ 38 billion. That is 1/3rd of the Chinese budget and about sums up the concept of the Indian leadership vis a vis China.

It all started with Nehru , who fearing a military coup like in Pakistan downgraded the military. He also as a part of getting the army 'de-fanged' gave up Indian positions in Tibet, maintained for long by the British. His misplaced zeal saw him completely neglect vast areas of India's border with China where not even a semblance of administration was set up. The army was told to just concentrate on the border with Pakistan as Nehru pranced around the world as a "Great Third World Leader".

All this ended in 1962 when the Chinese were provoked again by Nehru to attack India ( Please read Maxwell's India China war) and in a moment Nehru was made to look like a silly world leader. his mantle of statesmanship fell from his shoulders and he became the laughing stock of the world. He died a broken man.

Unfortunately successive Indian governments never learnt from the folly of Nehru and the approach is always to give a hug to China when it kicks. There is thus a irrational fear of China and this was at its peak when that silly Sardar  Man Mohan Singh was the prime minister. India in a way handed over leadership of Asia to China, which assumed the mantle of a great world power.

Indian leadership wants to be on the right side of China at any cost. The recent planned Naval exercise between India and the USA is not including Japan as the Indian leadership feels it will antagonize the Chinese. This is what I say, a policy conditioned by fear of China. One reason is the complete disparity between the Indian and Chinese military strengths. Where the Chinese can throw nearly 25 divisions into combat from Tibet, Indian will be unable to muster even 3.

In addition the Indians have not built the infrastructure of road and rail in the border areas and thus Indian  forces will be severely handicapped. Blame for this lies on the Hindu leadership which is governing India in a psychosis of fear from both China and the Muslims. I do hope God saves India.