Sunday, May 10, 2015

Desert Vehicles used by the Army in the UAE

Desert and UAE army

The UAE army in earlier days used camels. Now camels are not used and replaced by rugged trucks and carriers that can travel in the desert. I think the only place where camels are still used is India , where the army maintains a camel corps.

Desert Vehicles

The UAE desert is located on the edge of the great Arabian desert and touches the Arabian Sea. The UAE maintains a small military force  of just about 5000 personnel. Compared to a gigantic army of say India (1.5 million), it is a puny force. However the UAE is a peaceful country and this force is sufficient to guard it, as overall the protective umbrella of the US is available. The UAE forces patrol the desert in special vehicles, some of which are kept in the auto museum about a 150 km from Abu Dhabi , the national capital.

Grizzlee Humvee

Most vehicles supplied to the UAE forces are from the US and UK. On of the most important vehicles used by the army of the UAE is the Grizzled Humvee. Its a 4 wheel drive and negotiates the sand dunes with ease. The model shown in the photo is a 1987 Humvee.
These Humvees patrolled the desert with long desert sweeps

Dodge Desert Truck

The Dodge desert truck is again an American import. It has massive wheels with specialty tires to negotiate the sand dunes and heat, where desert temperatures  rise to 55 degrees  centigrade.
The vehicle shown is displayed in the auto museum

Troop Carrier

The Magglunds troop carrier is a vehicle from Sweden. It was sold to UAE army after extensive  trials. It has special tires and ample space to carry troops. It can transport 25 fully armed soldiers. This vehicle is used extensively in the desert.
It is a utility vehicle and very rugged

Last Word

At right is the Hummer H1 a 1987 model. The UAE army is doing a splendid job with these vehicles. I have been with a army person to see the vehicles in the museum. They make an interesting study

All photos are by me