Friday, November 28, 2014

The True Face of Modi: Is he just another Politician?

Narendra Modi is often compared to Jwaharlal Nehru. He is supposed to be making a similar impact. But it must be rememebred that Nehru committed some cardinal blunders and these have been the proverbial thorn in the indian throat. Firstly he created the linguistic states which in fact sowed the seeds of regionalism. He also left behind the Kashmir problem and the border dispute with China. Worse he downgraded the professional indian army and reduced india's to a second rate power in asia behind China and just having parity with pakistan.
What about Modi ? He is doing great in his foreign policy and earning brownie points for it. But like Nehru he must not forget that all talk of a great power is dependent on military might. How much is Modi aware of this? Has he studied mao's famous dictum" Political power comes out of the barrell of a gun"?. It appears Modi is committing similar mistakes by downgrading the army status and not equating it with the other civil services. a point is that OROP which is already there in the IAs is not approved for the forces. Even the saunction of salary as per the fitment scale is paid to sevices from 2013, while civil have been paid from 2006. The matter is now in court. Modi talks of OROP as dear to his heart, but it looks an eye wash. Modi also made promises of black money. i am afraid Modi will complete his tenure and no black money will come back to India. how will he get it back when the foreign nations will not give teh details. Why should they? This money bolsters their economy and they will not cut their own feet. Modi is thus just again as a shrewd politician folling the masses. Lastly a leader's personal life should be an open book. In case of Modi it is a big black dot. He deserted his wie and now she moves in a cycle rikshaw while Modi travels in a Mercedes. He never divorced her and that is is another blot on his life. A leader who is dishonest in his personal life, how can he be a role model for the Indian youth. I hve raised some points for discusion.Modi may still prove me wrong and rise above Nehru, but that will require a herculean effort and an appreciaition that a the status of a nation is dependent on military might.