Sunday, November 2, 2014

Boko Haram, Abducted Girls and Nigeria: The World is Impotent

Nigeria is a country in West Africa. It is a country which at one time was part of the British empire and was a relatively peaceful place. But once the British left, the lid blew off and the nation came to grips witha fundamental schism, a division between Islam and Christianity. Both religions have the same roots and Muslims recognize Jesus as a prophet, but the fact is that in practice the two religions are incompatible.
This is the genesis of a Muslim revolt in the North of the country. This revolt is now hijacked by a extremist Muslim organization called the Boko Haram. This group has the same dream as the ISI and the same modus operandi. In their battle with Christian south the Boko Haram fighters abducted nearly 200 young girls froma school. The girls were taken to their strongholds and as per reports converted to Islam and many were married off to Jihadi fighters.
There are reports that some of the girls have been sexually exploited. The Nigerian army has failed miserably in fighting Boko Haram and the West led by France and the USA despite lip service have done nothing. The girls remain in captivity and its a moot point whether they will ever come back. Boko Haram is a strong military force and unless the more powerful nations intervene there can be no succour for Nigeria.