Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Obama is now a Lame Duck President: Americans have Themselves Contributed to his Failure

The recent midterm elections have had one effect and that is the President Obama's last 2 years as President will remain inconsequential like his earlier 6 years. When Obama was voted President, the Blacks were elated, but I don't think the whites were too enamoured of having a colored Afro American as a President. Though it must be understood, that Obama in the classical sense is not a black Afro American as he had a white mother. A fact that will perhaps never be clarified is as to how American Obama was as his father was a Kenayan. What ever it may be, Obama by a chemistry of votes became President, but he was hemmed in by Congress. In addition his personal beliefs honed over the years as a senator, militated against him following the role of the previous Presidents. He didn't want America to fight the Muslims and he was lukewarm to Israel. In addition his autobiography 'The Audicity of Hope' is full of double speak and he went on to record that in case the winds blow against Islam he would stand shoulder to shoulder with Muslims.
Obama thus had his vision which was entirely different from previous presidents. It was obvious that a white Congress would not give him much leeway. The result is for all to see as the USA has slid from its global power position and despite the best of efforts to appease the Islamists by Obama, the Wahabbi concept of America as the great Satan has not changed. Obama has now sepent 6 non-descryptyears in the White House. I am afraid he has nothing much to show as Congress has curtailed all his actions. Perhaps if he had his way he would have liked America to be friends with the Muslim world and maybe even ally with them. This has not happened and now with the defeat in the mid term poll the US President is a lame duck who just has to live out his last 2 years as President. Obama will go down in history as the US President who took the first steps in downgrading the US role in world affairs. Gorbachov of the USA ? This is not such a farfetched idea anyway.