Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Tale of Blue Beard: a lovely tale for all Times

Blue Beard is a mythical character. He lives in our mind as an example of a man who was both lusty and wicked. He was known as Blue Beard, because of the color of his beard which had a bluish tinge.

Blue Beard was a nobleman who lived in a palatial castle. He was overtly fond of going women, who he married and these women then mysteriously disappeared. The local people wondered about it, but so grwsat was Blue Beards hold, that none questioned him or had the courage to ask him

Blue beard once again married a young lovely girl. She was delighted to be the wife of such a man as she revelled in his affluence.  The girl was allowed to go all over the castle, except one room. She was intrigued about it and asked Blue Beard about it, but he brushed aside her question. This intrigued the girl more and she began to wonder what that closed room contained.

One fine day Blue Beard told her, he was going for an errand to the town. He gave her the keys of the castle and all the rooms, with the usual injunction not to open that one mysterious room. As she heard the horses hooves peter away, she decided to open the room. The girl went to the room and used the key to open the padlock. The rusty lock opened and she unbolted the door and stepped inside.

The room was in s state of semi darkness and it was some time ere she could get a hang of the place.. She almost stifled a scream as she saw the room contained skeletons of all the earlier wives of Blue Beard. It was obvious that he had killed all of them after they had been deflowered. She rushed out of the room and  was accosted by Blue Beard. He was smiling , but soon his smile vanished and he announced that as she had disobeyed his injunction he would kill her ere the sun went down. Frightened the girl went up to the terrace to pray for deliverance and also watch the sun going down.

Two brothers of the girl who had heard about the mysterious disappearance of the girls in the castle had set out to rescue their sister. They rode hard and fast and reached the castle ere the sun was setting. In a furious battle Blue Beard was killed.

Its a lovely tale and it grows on your mind. What a character this Blue Beard was!