Saturday, November 29, 2014

Retired Armed Forces officers Make Good Lovers

Love is something that everybody yearns for , but few achieve it. For a woman love is a great solace. It gives emotional satisfaction and above all a woman may also get sexual fullfillment. This is where a military soldier who has retired comes in. Firstly a soldier retires when he is comparatively young and secondly he is economically secure with a good pension. Thus he is a man who can indulge in any hobby and has also all the time to indulge in any fantasy he can think of.

As per Freud and others a man thinks of sex most of the time. Here is the catch, a civilian at the age of the officer is still working and may not be secure. The officer thus has all the time to realize a dream and that can be with a woman, married or otherwise. He is also by nature of his job much fitter. I have known many young girls having a relationship with a soldier who has hung up his boots. Many have got themselves impregnated by the retired soldier and hope for a more permanent relationship.

In this it connection its worth knowing that widows of the American Civil war are still drawing pension. The war was fought in 1865 and one can wonder how a widow can still draw pension? The fact is that during the great depression when bread and butter was hard to get, a retired soldier with a pension was a good security bet. Girls in their teens married men 3/4 times their age. The men got sex and happiness and the young girl gave her body, but got economic security. The men died but the pension devolved to the widow.

 Coming to a sexual relationship a bored housewife with a husband in a horse race in the corporate world is more likely to find happiness in the arms of an ex officer. Apart from his greater fitness, he would also have all the time to love the woman and satisfy her. Acts like oral sex and satisfaction for the woman can open a door way to bliss and another world. Acharya Rajneesh was correct after all.