Saturday, November 8, 2014

Obama Has Lost Control of Congress: How does it Reflect on Obama as President

President Obama has many firsts to his credit. He was the single US President who never started a war and he was also the first Black( Afro -American) President. But I am afraid that is about all and his period otherwise was a lack luster one. In fact I can't help feeling that I saw shades of Gorbchov, the Russian president in him. He was a man hemmed in by centuries of colored people belief and the fact that America was supposed to be a world leader. The fact that he was colored perhapss clouded his thinking about keeping the image of America ahead as a world power. He carried out significant shifts in US policy , particularly in the Middle East where his approach was decidedly luke warm towards Israel.
He was also not clear how to deal with China and his policy of disengagement actully saw American prestige slide down in the world. The nearest I can think closer to his policies and lack lustre tenure is that of Jimmy Carter. Carter lost in a re-election, but Obama supported by a large Black vote continued and won. But just sitting in the Presidents chair is one thing and being decisive is another thing. Obama frankly lacked the 'inner magnetism' associated with a great leader.
Now Obama will face a hostile Congress as the mid-term election has shown the US President low in popularity scale. His opponents have won and control the Congress. The next 2 years will be hard for Obama and the US will have to put up wwith him. Looking in hindsight, Obama was the wrong man to head the Presidency at this juncture. The US economy is not going up and American influence in the world is going down. In addition his tenure as president has seen a rise in Muslim fundamentalism. I am afraid his predeccessor George Bush and he have contributed greatly in any chance of winning the war against militant Islam. Despite all talk of terror having no religious color, the fact is that all terror groups led by the ISI and al Qaeda are Muslim. Obama who spent 2 years in a Madrasa( Muslim School) has failed to recognize this, perhaps because of the conflict in his thinking of the rights of the Afro American and the US power.
Removals of Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi,both bulwarks against Muslim fundamentalism including Hosni Mubarak has spelt the diminishing role of American policy in Middle east. You don't get an ambassador killed like in Benghazi everyday. His cover up was atrocious as some in his adminstration tried to link it to a film of Prophet Mohammed made in USA, which showed Mohemmed in a negative way. Thus Obama will pass the next two years in his office doing "Kadam Tal" meaning marching on the spot and not moving forward. His will be a forgettable presidency.