Sunday, November 2, 2014

My Tryst with a Catholic Nun

Some time back I had written a post on the Catholic faith in India. One of my ‘fans’ had commented that I was a believer in infidelity’ maybe I am, but what I am going to relate is a factual account of a happening when I had just joined the Air Force and was under training. The Air Force administrative College is located at Red Fields in Coimbatore. It’s a hallowed college and has been there since the days of the Raj and the Royal Indian Air Force. All pilot trainees were supposed to spend 3 months at this college to get a basic understanding of service life like parade, drills and small arms practice before going on the learn to fly at the Air Force academy.

Accordingly I reached Coimbatore and the Drill instructor Sargent Thevar began to put us through our paces. There was no booking out for 4 weeks and that too after passing the Drill test. I passed and heaved a sigh of relief as I could book out. There was however a caveat and the booking dress were a white pant and shirt with the striped blue Air Force Tie. I remember I saw a movie. I think it was ‘Conon the Destroyer’ and I left the cinema hall to get back to the college before the booking in time of 10pm.

 Then it began to rain and thunder reverberated and reverberated again and again. I ran to a small shelter and took refuge there. As lightening flashed across the sky, I saw that I was in the foyer of a dilapidated building. I was further intrigued when I saw a nun in one corner of the foyer. I wondered where her companion was as Nuns move in pairs. She was absolutely drenched and her gray smock clung to her. She was young perhaps not more than 20 and I was also of the same age. My tie was a give way and I think she knew I was from the Air force college. 
"What about your friend ?" I asked
" oh she went for a rickshaw. But she is probably stuck now" she replied

I also made out she was slightly darkish and I concluded she was a Malayali from Kerala. The rain now increased in intensity and I walked to the nun and suggested that we move inside as the rain was lashing all around and she and I were getting wetter. I held out my hand she caught it and we went inside the dilapidated building. It was dark inside and the heavens were roaring. I realized it was rain storm. The nun sneezed and I suggested she remove her smock or she would get a cold. This was an innocent suggestion and the nun began to remove her robe. Lightening flashed across and in the split second I saw the nun naked with just a bra and panty.

God now took a hand and what happened after that has remained a blur in my memory. After the act was over, I could sense that there was some blood and the rain had stopped. I kissed and got up to dress and when I turned around the girl was gone. It was a silent withdrawal, more like a feline cat.
I reached the guard room, 30 minutes late and my Course Commander Squadron Leader DL Dhār awarded me 2 pack parades.

 I will not dwell on what a pack parade is, but it’s a tough punishment. I didn't regret the punishment one bit. I finished my training and left and as a Flight Lieutenant came again to Red Field 5 years later. I went to the seminary and met the mother superior and was told that many nuns had been sent to USA. It is an episode that is in my mind. Something that happened that was to happen for as Lord Krishna says in the Gita” Not a leaf moves without my will”.