Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Understanding Acharya Rajneesh: a Man who is a Great Thinker and Philosopher

I wonder how many people know about Acharya Rajneesh. He was a professor of philosophy in a college in Jubbulpore, before he had a vision and set up his own religious cult. Rajneesh moved to Pune and his teachings attracted many people including foreigners. The Acharya re-interpreted the old Hindu concept of Tantra and brought out a new technique in meditation. Many doctors have vouchsafed the beneficial effect of his meditation technique.
Rajneesh is wrongly identified with open sex or free sex. He preached something different in which sex and orgasm had a very low priority. To understand Rajneesh takes time and one will have to read a number of his almost 200 books to get an idea of what Rajneesh meant. However he did accept the Hindu concept of sex as a path of salvation. But it’s not a cut and dried approach, but a deep philosophy that needs understanding.
An incident about Rajneesh stay in college is worth recounting. While attending a class of Philosophy Rajneesh asked the professor a man of letters that did he know how many teeth Aristotle's wives had. This was a silly question and irritated the professor. Who asked him why he had asked this foolish question. Rajneesh replied that Aristotle had stated that women had fewer teeth then men. At least he could have counted as he had two wives. Thus he struck a blow at the man who is considered the father of logic. For Aristotle just went by the prevalent belief at that time that women had everything less then men. Coming to sex, Rajneesh is again not understood. He stated nothing new. Everything he wrote and said is there in Hindu Tantra, so I wonder why stress is laid on his sexual advice as he had a lot of other things to say. He was a brilliant man and deserves to be remembered and followed. It will open another world that is difficult to reach and needs a Guru.