Wednesday, September 9, 2015

OROP: A Split and What to do ? *

The agitation led by General Satbir Singh for OROP has done wonders and the government has finally agreed for some of the demands of the ex soldiers , but the core demand as approved and recommended by the Koshiari commission are not approved or watered down. This certainly envisages that some action is called for. The Ex servicemen under Gen Satbir are thus girding up to continue the agitation minus the fast unto death, till the demands are agreed to.

Unfortunately as with all movements a splinter group led by General Balbir Singh has opposed this continuation of agitation. This has brought a schism in the ranks of the movement and one fails to understand the logic of general Balbir and his group. I wonder if he is aware that nothing is won till an agreement encompassing all points is reduced in writing and to rely on airy comments or shall I say " Hawa Bazi" is not a forte of an agitation. General Balbir while opposing the agitation has thus let the soldiers down.

I cannot fathom his reason for this pull back except that it appear to be out of pique as all the  lime light is hogged by Satbir and probably the General Balbir feels left out. So the only way he can come in the lime light is by opposing this agitation. I can't help feeling that General Satbir is right and all servicemen must accept that a let up at this stage may well mean  a great loss. Can the worthy general Balbir answer as to what he plans to do in case the government does not agree and in the fine print backtracks.  Probably he will just sit tight as he cannot revive an agitation again.

As a man sitting thousands of miles away I will caution the old vets not to be taken in by men who advocate a scaling down or suspension of the agitation. There is a fine line between defeat and victory and to win the battle the agitation must go on and the hands of  men like General Satbir be strengthened. People like General Balbir must be shown the door.