Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Introducing Samantha Young and her Novel " On Dublin Street"

Samantha Young hails from Scotland. She is 27 years old and has started making waves in the publishing world. Samantha studied classical literature in college and that has been a big source of strength for her. She has used her knowledge of English literature to write excellent stories. Her forte is weaving historical fact and mythology in the modern context. She has no particular genre or subject and writes on all subjects, including urban fantasy, paranormal and romantic stories.

She is a Sensual Writer
Young writes in the genre of adult fiction. These books are sensual, but not pornographic and Young creates excellent tales. Young started her career by self-publishing books in 2011, but now she writes full time. Her book “On Dublin Street” has been a runaway success and has been on the New York Times best-seller list. She is read worldwide and it is obvious she commands a fan following of her own
"On Dublin Street” is an adult fiction love story. Readers who like a fair dose of sex and emotion in their books won’t be disappointed as Young creates a lovely magical world of love and emotion.

The Novel

The heroine is a spunky young woman named Jocelyn. Unfortunately, the girl has had a tragic experience in the United States that has left her shattered. Her entire world has crashed and she is alone in the world. She wishes to recover her equanimity and leaves America. She comes to Dublin and that is where all the action takes place. Jocelyn puts up barriers in her life and wishes to live in a sequestered world, where her past is a closed chapter.

Young now creates a love affair with the entry of Branden Carmichael, a handsome, suave and extremely rich man. He is magnetic and has a one point agenda to get Jocelyn to sleep with him. Jocelyn knows what Branden wants, but she resists. Jocelyn is sharing her flat with the sister of Branden, Ethel. But then it happens and it’s like an avalanche as she succumbs. She agrees to have a physical relationship without the attendant emotional problems. The love scenes described are beautiful and simply lovely.

 Slowly the sequestered barriers of Jocelyn break and she realizes that Branden wants a lot more. Jocelyn is unable to decide whether Branden wants her to forget her past or simply trap her in his love. Young writes with passion; and one can visualize that the writer must be a passionate young lady herself. The book makes excellent reading at bed-time or on a sultry afternoon when a person has nothing to do. Young needs to be complimented for writing an engrossing tale of love and emotion.

Last Word

 This was Young's first novel and it topped the New York Times best-seller list. It also had the distinction of selling in 25 countries. Samantha Young is a bachelor girl who is fond of listening to music. She is also a book addict and many contemporary writers are her favorites. The writing world will hear more about her in the future.