Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Assessing ManMohan Singh: Picture of a Failed Prime Minister

The Sad Era of Man Mohan Singh

How Man Mohan Singh Became Prime Minister

Man Mohan Singh was selected by the Congress party Chair person Ms Sonia Gandhi as Prime Minister of India, about 10 years back. Man Mohan readily consented to be the PM though he had no political base of his own and as per reports he would find it difficult to even get elected to a village panchayat. Perhaps this was the qualification which the chairperson was looking for, a man with no political base who would be at her beck and call. Surely a man who has no political or mass following cannot be expected to rebel. The reason for this is not far to seek as the chair person wanted a person who would be more like regent for Rahul Gandhi as he matured for the top job.

Man Mohan Singh as Prime Minister

In this appointment process the the country has suffered terribly. Appointing a man as Prime Minister of 1.2 billion people who has no independent say of his own is almost like a monstrous crime on the people of India. The question asked is that are the Indian people so docile like goats and cows that anybody can be thrust on them ? The unfortunate answer is yes as for 10 years Man Mohan continued as Prime Minister. Perhaps it was India 's destiny as there is no explanation for this.

Singh as Prime Minister

Man Mohan Singh during his 8 year stint as Prime Minister has not exactly covered himself with glory. His indecisiveness has affected the country badly. At least on 3 counts Man Mohan Singh displayed that he was a novice and allowed the forces of default to overtake him

Surrender to China

- Firstly Man Mohan Singh surrendered the Indian leadership of Asia and secondly reduced India's role effectively vis a vis China. Having no concept of power politics Singh allowed India's arch rival China to set the pace. He became a mute spectator to China's needles pinpricks and displayed naivety in his dealings with China. In a particular he acquiesced to threats on the Dalai Lama from China and even backed out of addressing the the World Buddhist conference at Calcutta on pressure from China. In return he was been unable to get any concessions from China which continues to show large tracts of India as part of China. Having no concept of power politics he has created a psychosis in the army the fighting force in India to have self doubts with his stance on a host of issues on Kashmir, Pakistan, Nepal and even Bangladesh.

Stagnation of Economy and Poverty

- The economy under him has stagnated. There is a double digit inflation and prices of essential foodstuffs are rising every day. More important his economic policies have resulted in a greater number of Indians going below the poverty line.. As per the reports of the government committees appointed by Man Mohan Singh himself namely the Tendulkar committee and Sen Gupta committee have brought out the harsh fact that nearly half a billion Indians are living below the poverty line.

Unbridled Corruption

- His years in power have also seen the rise in corruption to phenomenal levels. Corruption was always there in India, but for the first time Cabinet Ministers led by Raja, Kalmadi, Gill, Pawar by their sins of omission and commission have swindled or allowed to be swindled over $ 500 billion dollars of public money. Even when persons brought these facts to his notice he maintained an enigmatic smile and never blinked. Perhaps the powers that had put him in the chair were over powering and all Singh could do was put up a brave face.

Sikh Killings

Man Mohan Singh is a Sikh, yet at no stage he showed any inclination to investigate the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 in which more than 10,000 Sikhs were killed. Till date just 3 persons have been convicted for thousands of deaths which were state sponsored terrorist acts .Most of the ring leaders who were Congress party workers have had a free run and Man Mohan acquiesced in this.

Operation Blue Star.

Recently in February 2014,documents have been presented in the British Parliament to the fact that the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi asked for British help in "Operation Blue Star", the operation to storm the holiest of Sikh Shrines the Golden Temple. The British have come out with all details, but Singh a practicing Sikh has maintained silence though Sikh and other groups are demanding the full facts on the operation.

Singh cannot antagonize the Chairperson Ms Sonia Gandhi and has thus perforce to tow the official line. But a stark fact remains that Man Mohan Singh who was bureaucrat in 1984, despite the killings of Sikhs by the Congress party chose after retirement to join the very same party which had engineered the Killings of Sikhs.

Last Word

History finds the man. Chanakya that great strategist had stated that the people get the government they deserve. Is this the the epilogue of the Indian people ? One cannot be a pessimist and yet there is a silver lining as the people of India have shown this running dog of the Nehru Gandhi family the abyss of no return.