Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Tantrums of Air Chief Marshal Suri, CAS on OROP

AirChief Marshal N Suri was Chief of Air Staff during the early nineties. I recently read that he was piqued with comments floating around on social media that chiefs of armed forces did nothing for the soldiers and airmen at any stage. I would like to educate the ACM that 99% of the chiefs have just feathered their nests and this outburst on OROP is a logical culmination of their actions. In case OROP is still hanging,then it is entirely due to their own apathy.

ACM Suri is not the only culprit as many before him, more illustrious than him did nothing for the men who rose to sit in the exalted chair. There is a long littany of chiefs and one can't name them in a short article, who sat on their haunches and never pressurised the political and civil servants and leaders on any point of benefit for soldiers and airmen

The start of this callaus attitude is General Cariappa. He was the first Indian army chef and this man who was made chief over the head of Lt Gen Kulwant Singh was so beholden to Nehru that he did nothing. He got his own chair demoted and accepted demotions in order of precedence. Then we have men like Thapar and Bewoor who allowed things like down gradation of pension from 70% to 50%.

ACM Suri himself as chief of air force had a forgettable tenure. I wonder what he did  during his tenure?  I was in service at that time and his was a nondescript tenure.  I don't think there is any pride in anything he did. He and his predecessor ACM Mehra just sat and travelled around.

In the present agitation of OROP, most chiefs are hiding and worse the present 3 led by Gen Dalbir Singh have shown a spineless approach. They are men of straw and will go in the dustbin of history. Who will remember them? Not the poor neglected airman or soldier, repeatedly let down by these men of straw.