Tuesday, September 1, 2015

OROP: Time for a Rethink *

When a battle is on the opposing generals always think of alternate plans and a rethink of position on the battlefield. There is thus a case for a pause in rethinking of OROP agitation. One thing that has emerged is that despite 79 days of fasting and speeches, the government of Modi has not conceded the points on OROP. This sadly after a seal of approval from the highest governing body in India- the Indian parliament. Modi and his ilk have simply ignored the approval for OROP given by parliament.

Why has this happened? The reason is not far to seek and the basic issue is complete abdication of responsibility by the Chiefs of Staff of the armed forces. Looks like the government does not listen to them and when you couple with the fact that these men have very little guts or thought that they represent the soldier the reason becomes clear.

Since the only language the Modi government understands is the language of force, obviously a peaceful nonviolent agitation devoid of political overtones has been ignored. Thus the ESM agitation is on a weak wicket. What are the options now? One has only to compare with the Patel agitation that shook the roots of Modi government.

The fact is the Modi government is aware that COAS and his ilk will not rock the boat. They are thus acting with their tails up. No wonder the finance minister Arun Jaitley is singing songs that OROP in its present form cannot be accepted. This man perhaps like the proverbial frog who wanted to behave like lion is acting similarly. His crushing defeat in Amritsar is galling for him.However now we know that Jaitley is the thorn or road block in sanctioning OROP.

 This is the the time the ESM leadership must rethink a different strategy now. There are only 2 options. Either up the ante or agree to what is given.

Accepting any of the options is not easy, but the ESM leadership will have to bell the cat. I support upping the ante and roping in the biggest black sheep of all General Dalbir Singh.