Thursday, September 17, 2015

A Hollywood Great and my Favourite *

I will confess that I am an English movie buff who has spent some time in watching films made in Hollywood. I even dug out some of the great classics like ‘gone with the wind’ to get a feel of the stars of that page. Now I think it will be a good idea to showcase the stars from Hollywood are the greatest. As in all such lists personal preference is over-riding and that cannot be denied. My favorite star is Al Pachino. 

Al Pachino

OB-JK157_godfat_D_20100729083448.jpgIn Godfather I
 Born in 1940 this actor is one of my favorites. I first saw him acting the part of Don Corelone inGodfather I.  I was impressed by his acting and the fact that he lived the role of the gangster in the film based on the novel by Mario Puzo. In this film he was frame by frame a match for Marlon Brando. Now Hollywood has recognized Al Pachino as one of the greatest actors of the last 100 years.
Al Pachino was born in East Harlem in New York of Italian parents. Harlem as we know is one of the deprived areas of New York and Pachino grew up in relative poverty. This had a bearing on his life and perhaps was the reason for him acting in serious roles. Al Pachino is best remembered for his Godfather trilogy I, II, III where he literally lived the life of an Italian mobster. Hollywood also recognized him after 7 nominations and finally he won the Oscar for the best actor in Scent of a woman (1992).
He is one actor who has always done justice to his roles and even in the winter of his life has turned in some memorable  films. His last filmWild Salome (2011) has just been premièred at the 68th Venice International festival. In this film he plays the role of King Herod. He also turned in a memorable performance as Shylock in the Merchant of Venice (2004).
Al Pachino has acted in nearly 50 films in a career spanning 42 years. His other memorable roles include Dick Tracy, Justice for all, Serpico, Panic in the needlethe devils advocate, among others.  Al Pachino has carved for himself a special place in the world of cinema. Pachino never married though he had liaisons with a number of women and actresses among whom Tuesday Wells, Marthe Weller, Diana Keaton, Lyndon Hobbs feature.
He had 3 children out-of-wedlock. For Film buffs he is the ultimate star for soft and hard undertone gangster and character riles. One can’t forget his role as the blind Major in scent of a woman.