Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Man of God: the Muslim Pir of Mumbai * 68

The Muslim Pir in Mumbai: a Man with Uncanny Powers.
The Pir who is no more
The Pir with Supernatural Powers
Mohamedali Road is part of old Bombay. It has an old world charm and is a predominant Muslim populated area. There is an old mosque and around it some buildings which are old and popularly referred to as chawls. One such chawl referred to as Mauchi chawl is under the aegis of the Maharashtra Housing board who are carrying out repairs.
The Pir on Mohamedali Road
In this building on the first floor is a small two room set. As you enter the outer room the strong sense of incense will greet you and you can surmise that you are entering an abode of a holy man. You won’t be wide of the mark as this apartment is the place where a holy man called a Pir gives his darshan to believers. What will surprise you is that this Muslim Pir has equal numbers of Hindu followers as well who thong to the place. This man is Sayyed Nasiruddin Basdshaimiya Qadri Nakshbandi. He belongs to a long line of hereditary Pirs from Kutch where his ancestors originally resided. But what will strike you is the uncanny power the Pir exhibits. He has ESP and powers of divination that have to be experienced, for no amount of description can do justice to this Pir. He is now old and has to be helped to his place where he sits listening and advising thousands about their problems.
Meeting the Pir
The Pir normally sits in the evening when his meetings start and continue late into the early hours of the morning. People wait in a queue for hours to meet the Pir who listens to their problem and then will give a solution. Sometimes the Pir will himself tell you why you have come and that is a wonder by itself.
Last Word
The Pir has a small porciline plate and that has a magical power. This is the plate where you have to put your thumb and then lo and behold the Pir tells you everything, why you have come and what your problem is. He will then prescribe a remedy which consists of certain rituals and I have been told by believers that these rituals work. Rituals that involve burning Taviz( holy relic) and the like. It’s uncanny and no science can explain this phenomena. I myself have met the Pir a number of times and his uncanny power has been a source of wonder. This is the mystery of the east and in the field of spiritualism India is way ahead of the west.
Last month Pir Mohammed Nasiruddin Badshamiya Nakshbandi( His full and complete Title) passed away. Everybody is mortal and so was the Pir. His passing away is a matter of great sorrow. As I have written this is a hereditary Pirship, which has been going on for many centuries. Now his position is taken by his elder son Pir Raza.
I have met Pir Raza and I am unable to explain how Pir Raza also has Extra Sensory Powers. I will however confess that his father had greater spiritual acumne. Perhaps Pir Raza will also mature with age. He must be about 40 years old.
People like the Pir are the wonder of India