Monday, November 16, 2015

French face Terror Attack in Paris: Deeper Issues Involved

The West is Indignant now, But history can be unforgiving

weapons of ISI

There is amassive attack by the Islamic state against France. In a well planned and coordinated attack in Paris , suicide fighters ( mujahaddin) of the iSI laid bare the inadequacies of the French military and police and with impunity and killed nearly 200 innocent French citizens. This was a dastardly act as the people killed were innocent, but perhaps they paid the price for the policies adopted by their leaders. To cry now looks silly, as the only option is to fight. The French President has made a brave speech that France will soon act against the ISI, but to my mind it's a hollow speech as France on it's own just does not have the capability to strike anywhere in the Middle East .

Who Created the Taliban ?


I remember watching the movie "Rambo" with Sylvester Stallone and it commenced with the words " dedicated to our brothers the Mujahaddin...". Nothing could be more silly as in the eighties( this is not much far back) , the West headed by the USA armed the Mujahaddin to fight the Soviets. The Russians lost heart and went away, but the west was naive and they thought they had a permanent ally and thus left their entire weaponry as a gift to the Mujahaddin.

The think tank of the West and that includes France, never realised the true nature of the Sunni Wahabbi Islamists and they paid a heavy price for their naivety. These very groups made the USA and the West their main target as they set about trying to establish a Islamic Caliphate across Europe, Middle East and Asia.

The Taliban and al Qaeda emerged and later the more deadly Islamic State appeared. They were in a way the creation of the USA and the west, because they created conditions where these extremist groups got a place to incubate.

Removal of the Bulwarks Saddam and Gaddafi.

The 2 dictators

The West and their allies compounded their mistake by removing two dictators, namely Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. The West thought that with the removal of these two dictators, regimes that are friendly to the west will emerge and all would be fine. They failed to realise that these two men though despots, were in fact enemies of Islamic militancy and both hanged scores of these so called Mujahaddin.

Gaddafi did at one time espouse terror, but he had changed and Saddam was a secular man. These men were the sworn enemeies of Muslim extremism. The West did not realise this and in a short sighted policy got both men murdered. It is worth recalling that Gaddafi was the first to issue an arrest warrant against Osama Bin Laden in 1998.

The removal of these two men led to anarchy and instead of a regime friendly to the west, an extremist ideology took hold of the region. The iSI now headed by Al Baghdadi appeared and soon it occupied vast tracts of land in Iraq and Syria.

Reaction and Counter Reaction

France under siege

The West having lost the foothold in the Midle East and averse to putting ground troops in battle decided on an air bombardment. History shows that a war is won by boots on the ground and not by air poweralone. The west was thus at a handicap and the ISI was bound to strike. 
One facet of this war against the ISI is the complete absence of any support from so called moderate Muslims against ISI. Nobody sees the moderates winning as the ISI consolidates its hold.
The ISI has a strong string of local Muslims settled in Europe and these are fodder to help sustain attacks. The iSI has struck at the soft underbelly of the west i.e France. The French lost to Hitler in 40 days and without support from USA will capitulate.
The West must make peace with Russia. In particular France must forget its Russian obsession and side with it. In case they are to win , the entire French policy must undergo a change.
The USA under Obama has allowed militancy to flourish. Perhaps a new President may set the house in order. As a last word , I can only say that Islamic militancy was created by the west and now the birds have come home to roost. What is surprising about it ?
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