Friday, November 20, 2015

Dining at the Lal Qila in Abu Dhabi * 68

Lal Qila
Abu Dhabi is a place that never fails to charm a visitor, especially a person who loves North Indian and North Western Frontier food. The place has wonderful eating joints and restaurants. One can get the best in Continental and Chinese cuisine as well. The entire city is a gourmet’s paradise if you want good food in comfort than nothing beats Abu Dhabi. Here I shall introduce all my readers to a top eating joint servingNorth Indian food.
The Urdu Poet and food
Abu Dhabi has many restaurants that are classy and serve Frontier and Punjabi food. One of the finest places to dine is the Lal Qila located in the heart of the capital city. I understand the eating joint is owned by a Pakistani from Lahore. The restaurant has excellent staff who are courteous and look after you very well. The best part apart from the foodare a bevy of excellent looking Muslim girls in traditional Indian and Pakistani dresses serve and attend to you.
Most of the girls are from Pakistan and what will strike you is the fairness of these girls. Another added attraction is a poet from Lahore. This man in traditional attire of yore goes from table to table and recites some beautiful Urdu couplets that regale the customers. He came to my table and recited a lovely couplet extolling the beauty of my American girl who was dining with me.
My girl didnt understand the couplet, till I translated it for her and she was delighted and blushed a crimson red.
Good meals
The restaurant serves only buffet meals and has one of the most lavish spreads one can think of. The fare on display to taste and savor consists of over a 100 dishes covering Indian, Pakistani and Chinese food. It’s one of the most elaborate spreads I have come across anywhere in the world. My American gal loves it. I think she has now started relishing spicy food as well. The food is exceptional and one can spend a fair amount of time eating and listening to the Urdu couplets.
The only drawback is that beer and alcohol are not served. In a way I think it’s a good thing as one must try and be away from this intoxicant.
A wonderful place
The meal can set you back by 100 dirhams per head, but overall is a wonderful place to dine on the best food available in Abu Dhabi. I would have mentioned some dishes served, but the list is so exhaustive, that it’s not possible in a short article.