Thursday, November 5, 2015

Vegetarianism, Sir Asana and Celebacy Lead to Super Power( ESP)

I am going to write on a topic that requires deep understanding. This concerns the development of Extra Sensory Powers or Perception. Nobody has as yet been able to explain why some human beings have these powers and how did they achieve them. Peter Hurkos in his book Psychic mentions that he developed his powers of ESP when he fell while cleaning a window on his head during a Nazi air raid. Hurkos writes that he fell unconscious after his fall and when he was conscious in hospital he began to see visions that showed to him that he had developed uncanny powers of perception. He was able to visualize that the man on the bed next to him was a British agent. Simultaneously he saw vivid flashes of images of the Gestapo, the German secret police rushing towards the hospital. Hurkos warned the man to escape. Peter Hurkos who was a Dutch, later migrated to the USA, but he also could not explain how ESP powers are ignited in a human being.

In India however there is a branch of Yoga that deals with the developments of ESP. Some years back I had met Swami Shradanand at a village Ashram in Bassein near Mumbai. The Swami is no more now having left for his heavenly abode. But one point stuck in my mind. He during his discourse once showed how ESP can be developed through Yoga.

As per Swami Shradanand there is a direct relation between the male spermatozoa and ESP. He espoused that once a man does continuous Yogic pose in this case the Sir Asana ( Head Stand), then after perfecting this pose and holding it at least for an hour and half strange powers will slowly become clear to the man doing Sir Asana. But he added 3 riders along with the perfection of the Sir Asana. They are:

a) Complete celibacy.

b) Vegetarianism.

c) Intense prayer and mediation.

As per the swami's theory once a man follows the above ritual his spermatozoa will get conserved and during the Sir Asana Pose will slowly begin to trickle down the spine and after a couple of years will touch the base of the brain. After many years these spermatozoa will form a flower at the base of the brain and a man will slowly develop extra sensory powers. On the face it looks improbable, but I can vouchsafe the powers of Swami Shradanand. He could not only read the mind but could predict and guide what to do in the future because of his uncanny powers.

The Swami's theory is difficult to test, but what he has said cannot be dismissed out of hand. I now find that I missed asking a question to the Swami. I should have asked him whether a woman can develop ESP through Sir Asana. But the fact is that Yoga is a deep spiritual exercise as well and science has as yet no answers to ESP.