Monday, November 23, 2015

Pay Commission and OROP: the Ex Servicemens Leadership Have led all to Nadir of Despair

The Ex serviceman's agitation for OROP has entered nearly the 180th day. The period or days is not important except that it has gone on for a pretty long time. However what it has achieved is a big zero and as things stand a 24% increase of pensions authorised for other government servants is denied to the ex servicemen.

What a tragedy, even the legitimate demands of the ex servicemen like equalisation of pay  as per the highest band and  2014 as the base year of calculation is denied. I wonder what the leadership achieved. The next revision is now in 2019 and one does not know what will happen then.

The 3 Chiefs of staff as I wrote earlier are the villains of the piece. These gutless men who just want to cling to their chair have let the men they command down the drain. Not one of them could put his foot down and insure that these regressive decisions are not taken.

In addition the entire approach of the ex serviceman's leadership played into the governments hands by spurning political support. You can't win a battle on ' good will". There has to be solid political support and on this General Satbir Singh and his team have gravely defaulted. What have they to show? Nothing . All this would have come about  even if there was no agitation. Thus this agitation served no purpose and the government dismissed it as a few old men sitting and not eating. It's so silly.

I do not know what is the solution, but this entire leadership of ex servicemen should pack up and go home. They just cannot achieve anything. There is also no political support and the ex servicemen are on their own. Defeat was imminent.