Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Seducing a Woman: Test of a Man's Skill* 64

Jhonny Depp is Don Juan in film

Don Juan is recognized as one of the greatest lovers of all time. In all probability his love life centered on his charm and ability to seduce the women he desired. It was an act of tremendous finesse bordering on art itself and certainly is something which a lot many men would like to emulate.
Seduction of women has been going on from time immemorial. It is something that has never been defined and is not something tangible. In fact it has a lot to do with the mind and emotion. A man would like to only seduce a woman who he likes or fancies. In that respect it is a part of sex and desire as well. Thus as desire has no bounds, seduction also has no set rules. Bear in mind that seduction is not gender oriented and a woman may also seduce the man she likes.
However in case you do desire a woman and you know her well, it will be a good idea to get to know the background of the person concerned. A little home work would hold you in good stead. Thus do a little snooping and get to know her place of stay/residence, the members of her family as well as her routine of work and leisure. A very important point is getting a whiff of her interests and likings. If possible in conversations try and get to something intangible like her dreams and fantasies.
Once you have the necessary details about the object of your desire, you can now proceed to the next step. Remember that coercion or other forms like spiked drinks and food need to be completely eschewed. The entrance of such elements will make the act criminal and can invite a charge of rape. More over it is not something a genuine lover will relish.
Follow up by talking regularly to the woman. Make it a point to gift chocolates and flowers. Learn what she likes and offer to be her escort.Take her to a restaurent or for shopping. In short you must build up trust. Once you have built up trust the next step will flow naturally. The woman may even accompany you to your apartment or invite you to hers. Above all tell her that you love her. It should be the beginning of a romance. That is one ingredient that is essential to move forward.
Seduction is an art that deserves a lot of finesse and tact. It is important that one keeps the susceptibilities of the woman or man in mind. Do not force any thing and let the act flow like the river Ganges, slowly and surely in a tranquil manner.