Monday, November 9, 2015

OROP, what next after Government Saunction

OROP is announced by the Defence Minister Mr Mohan Parrikar. One cannot decry the package completely, though it must be accepted that sanction is short on many points. The question that arises, what was the use of fasts unto death, relay fasts, signing petitions in blood and returning medals? What purpose they served?

Obviously the blame must go to General Satbir Singh and his team. The entire tone of the agitation was servility and the fear of wounding the government. I remember reading Alistair McLean's novel 'fear is the key' and this agitation led by Satbir Singh was just that.

He missed out on 2 major points. Firstly he failed to use the platform of the opposition. Just see what the opposition did in Bihar. I am sure a concerted opposition joining the OROP movement would have given the movement a Filip and put the BJP government on the back foot. Our leader did nothing conditioned by fear of antagonising the government.

Secondly Gen Satbir and party failed during last 6 months to target the enemy within, the 3 chiefs
 of staff. He was harping on ' babus'. I will die laughing on a bed of nails, at this approach. The Babus could do nothing without connivance of the chiefs down history, yet the general was talking always of Babus.

Nothing can be done now. General Satbir and his team is responsible for the movement achieving nothing. What to do?  He helped us lose our fight