Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Why Everybody is Secretive about One Rank One Pension

OROP we are told is approved, in other words its a cut and dried affair. Maybe it is, but there seems to be an aura of mystery about it. As the saying goes" The proof of the pudding is in its eating" and till it comes out in black and white the retired soldier can only speculate as to what he will get. There are some suggestive leaks all around, but they don't amount to much.

The fact is OROP and what exactly is approved or likely to be approved is a secret. Almost like it is the Order of Battle. One fails to understand why all concerned cannot publish the tables and likely form of approvals.Yes, something recommended may not be approved, but that is part of the game.

Again I will state,that there is many a slip between the cup and lip and there no guarantee that what is expected will be approved. This is where openness comes in and this cloak of secrecy must be discarded. Only once the official government letter is out and tables published can one conclude the real benefit.

The armed forces are agitating for 3 decades and it required a political will of Narendra Modi to get it approved. Otherwise the issue would have been ongoing for another 30 years, simply because in India the men in uniform have no clout. So all we can do is to keep the fingers crossed.