Thursday, April 30, 2015

Russian Women like Tenderness and Soft Lovers

Russian girls as I have pointed out have great regard for Indians and I have had my fair share of their company in my life.  Been to Russia umpteen times starting from my first affair with a major's wife at Kanpur, the Base repair depot for Russian aircraft.
In Russia the  Second World war took it's toll and 20 million Russians died, mostly men in fighting the Nazi menace. This has led to a lopsided sex ratio in favor of women and as more women are available than men, they are not that assiduously wooed. This is just a statement from my experience and not to be taken as a gospel truth.

Russian girls also do many jobs in other countries reserved for men as they are a significant part of the work force; does this affect their psyche and make them a little tougher and hard? I can't say , but my view is that most Russian girls do not know love and tenderness and the sex act is something like a bullet and just fired and spent. Why" because of the peculiar environment in Russia, where women are more than men and many shoulder tough jobs.

My first encounter is vivid as I visited the BRD at Kanpur. There were many Russians there with their wives. What struck me was the heavy drinking by the Russian men and one day the inevitable happened. After a dinner, a major drank so much that he passed out and his wife a beautiful lady was aghast. A rang up the beat motorcyclist of the Air forecPoilce and they came and took the Russian to his quarters. The wife remained and I asked her after all the hula bull was over, whether she would take a small drink with me.

She consented and I could see that the lady was not happy and after small talk and drinks I told her she was lovely. She was a bit surprised as nobody for a long time had paid her this compliment. She was about 30 and to my mind very beautiful.
I compliment her on her looks and seeing an opportune moment kissed her hand. Then I bent down and removed her sandals and sucked her toes. It was something she had never experienced.  The inevitable happened and I spent a long , long time almost an eon as I awakened her. it was a rare experience for her as all along she had had sex like a bullet from a revolver. She never had sex with soft music of a Hindu chant to god playing in the background and a man who literally worshiped her body as a altar.

This affair which lasted a few months was one of the most satisfying she had ever had as she was ushered into a world of sensual love as I believe in the art as taught to me by my guru swami Shraddanand of Bassein.
Subsequently I visited Russia so many times and came across so many girls and all along I realized that love and its finer points, the finesse and all that goes with it were alien to them. For me it was a glorious time and i looked forward to go to Russia as and when required. I felt it a godsend that i was on Russian aircraft and again the message of Lord Krishna boomed to me " not a leaf moves beyond my will". Perhaps it was ordained this way . What then has been my philosophy ? I think the verse below  illustrates it.

If I could kiss you all the way
From your sweet eyes to your bosom
With three hundred thousand kisses
I'd be forever moistening
Some thick dry plough so as to reap
Each new harvest of our kisses.

Poem by Catullus the Latin poet