Sunday, April 19, 2015

I am Nostalgic about the Soviet Union: Will Vladimir Putin Restore Russian Power

I have been to Russia so many times as an officer of the air force and each visit left me impressed about Russia. The people were friendly and India was a great friend of the Soviet Union. I have had most delightful experiences with Russian girls , who are in my view the loveliest of them all. What a phrase to use " loveliest of them all", but this is how I feel about them. One of my drives deep into Siberia with my russian NCO on a Ural Bike was simply something to relish and more so when I shacked up with her in the woods in a log cabin with just a blanket and this lasted 2 days and as many nights.

I was impressed earlier that Russia was a power. The Soviets  vetoed  obnoxious resolutions in the Security council by the USA and western powers on Kashmir at least 10 or maybe 20 times.  The Russians were a great power then and their nuclear tipped missiles targeted the USA  in under water subs. The USA could not have a free for all at that time and the US fleet was wary of the 400 submarines of the Soviet Navy. Remember the Americans under Kennedy backed down on Cuba in 1962 and as a quid pro quo dismantled their missiles in Turkey and signed on the dotted line never to destabilize Cuba or invade it again.

The Americans respected the Russians then and people like Nikita Khrushchev made the Americans realize that there was another power to counterbalance them. Then came Gorbachev and his glasnost. What a silly thing, this man presided over the break up of the Soviet state, a country and a world power built up assiduously by Stalin. He was a great leader of the 20th century , perhaps the greatest. More on that in another post.

Suddenly Russia slid down and lost its world power status. Then came trying times  with Boris Yeltsin and some others . Now there is hope with Vladimir Putin. I think he is the one man  who can restore Russia to greatness again and that will mean building up economic power and showing a mailed fist to the Americans. That's the language they understand . Remember the Americans have all along been scared of Iran a third rate power who humiliated them, when it captured hundreds of  US embassy personnel and jailed them. No reprisels , no raids, nothing.The USA just paid ransom money like  a nonentity  and slunk away.  Once the hostages were home why no action? because USA is scared of a back lash. allways !

This is something Putin must understand that the USA respects power and despite all the military might the Americans have not won a single war after 1945, be it Korea,Vietnam or Afghanistan,  not forgetting Iraq and Libya, where they shot themselves in the foot by allowing a resurgence of militant Islam.

I am nostalgic of Russian power, because its a friend of India and maybe  because I have a dream. A dream that I  could again go back to Russia and shack up with a Golden haired Russian girl in a shack in Siberia. Is it possible. ?