Thursday, April 23, 2015

Arvind Kejriwal Must be tried for Abetment of Suicide of the Farmer at his Rally

A botched suicide?

The man who would be king, an imposter

The title of my post is  just rhetoric and mirrors my anguish at the stunts of Arvind Kejriwal in politics. Arvind Kejriwal is the powerful man in the Aam Admi Party (AAP) and is the man who calls all the shots. A mini Hitler in the making, this man tolerates no criticism and feels that what ever he says is the gospel truth. He cannot countenance anyone  opposing him as he does not know what dissent means in a democratic set up. One can see his dictatorial streak in expelling two founder members of the AAP in Bhushan and Yadav.

All this is OK, but what is not OK is his brazen desire to seize power at any cost, come what may. One can recollect that this man thought he would be king, when he started dreaming of being Prime Minister of India and opposed Narendra Modi in Varanasi. He assumed he would win like he did against the former Delhi CM Sheila Diksit and then he would move to the chair of the prime minster. Unfortunately he was soundly defeated and for some time lay low.

He came back with a vengeance on the back of people who genuinely believed that he was a messiah of the poor. What a packaging this man did !! He could have done in a US presidential candidate, as with half truths and blatant lies he fooled the public. Perhaps he believed in the Dr Goebbles theory of " A lie repeated a 100 times becomes a truth"

After the success of Rahul Gandhi rally in the capital,Arvind Kejriwal thought it a good time to show his credentials as a man who stands by farmers. He organized his own rally, but a farmer a long time member of the AAP from Rajasthan climbed up a tree and hung himself to death. Perhaps it was a fixed hanging and it was all part of drama and Arvind knew about it. Its just a conjecture for even when the news reached him the man showed his utter callous behaviour and continued with his speech. Death of a man maybe by mistake or otherwise had no effect on him. All he could see was the power and the road to the PM's chair.

Arvind kejriwal has a lot to answer. The rally was organized by him against the advice of the police. He was duty bound to insure that all arrangements for the rally are properly done, which he didnt do. In fact the AAP watched the hanging as it was a "Tamasha". Can anything be sadder than this. Not to be outdone he has alleged a conspiracy theory by the BJP

To my mind in case there is a conspiracy theory it fits Kejriwal very well. What is the guarantee that he had planned the hanging as a show and it got botched up?  the farmer Gajendra Singh does not look like a man who will hang himself and he was not that poor as well. There is thus something fishy about all this. Kejriwal must answer. The kin of Gajendra Singh have asked a case to be registered against Kejriwal for abetment of suicide. I think this is the need of the hour. The impostor  who would like to be king must be exposed.