Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Secularism in India and Role of Congress Party

Do Indians understand what secularism Means; Congress and Pampering of Muslims

I think the title of this post should have been "Does the Congress party Understand what secularism" means". I have used the word Indians only because the Congress helped shaped India's  policies  for almost 6 decades after India became free. In that respect it represented India and thrust its brand of secularism all over India.

Pandit Nehru for reasons best known to him was always to sympathetic to the Muslims . I again use the word sympathetic , well the actual word is appeasement as he seemed to hold the Muslims in awe for whatever reason we do not know. One man in a light hearted meander once expressed to me that  Pandit Nehru had close affinity and blood relations with Muslims and Sheik Abdullah was his half brother. This can all be treated as drivel and perhaps not true, but the fact is that Nehru went out of his way to accommodate the Muslims.

There is no doubt that the Muslims ruled India for 900 years and this does prey on the mind of Hindus in a sub conscious manner. The Hindu psyche cannot rid itself of it and the result is a desire not to antagonize the  Muslim community and gave them a greater rope than is warranted. This has also led to twisted interpretation of the word secularism

Secularism is something good , but it does not mean a deprivation of the majority community and pampering of any community or religion. Unfortunately Gandhi followed by Nehru believed in pampering the Muslims and this was in fact a doubled sword. The pampered Muslims failed to integrate with the nation and remained backward, wedded to obscurantism and old fashioned ideas. Education failed to seep through to them and the community remained backward. By giving a warped sense of secularism the Congress failed to integrate Muslims with India  and in a way harmed the Muslims themselves.

Things like personal law and Sharia continued in the 21st century and even though Muslim nations like Turkey discarded them, but not the India led by the congress. This is the bane of India that once the Hindus came to power albeit by default and without a fight, they have squandered a united India by allowing the Congress to rule and thus India is riven by casteism and religion and the so called secularism in real terms an anchor around its neck.