Friday, February 27, 2015

Want to Date and Love Irish Girls? Follow

 Ireland is a distinct nation and the Irish a proud and distinct race. It must be clearly understood that the Irish are different from the English, who ruled over them for many years. Obviously it stands to reason that people of Irish origin would like a site that caters to their clan. Many sites advocating Irish dating have surfaced on the net, but is one of the most prominent in this field. The site showcases members of Irish origin but membership is open and any anybody can become a member of this site who will relish the company of Irish girls and men.

What this site sells?
The site is a dating site promising girls and men as dates, companions and marriage with an Irish background. There are nearly 35 dating sites catering to the Irish clientele. Out of these is almost in the top bracket. The site contains the largest member’s database compared to other similar dating sites. It has over 25 million members and as per reports last year over 400,000 people found a date on this site.

There is a 3 day free trial membership after which the rates are outlined below
$ 34.99 for  one month
$59.97 for 3 months
$101.94 for 6 months.
In addition the site will charge extra ($4.99) for additional services like Email notification, Highlighted profile, match mobile and first impressions.
Paid membership of this site is more costly than similar dating sites, because the site promises an exotic niche of Irish girls to date. Its plus point is that it is reachable in 18 different languages.

You can pay on line through any of the popular payment systems like credit cards, western union and mail in order.
 The site is packaged along with a relationship expert Dr Phil’s MindFindBind feature. This helps a member to be more successful with the opposite sex. This feature is charged extra at the rates given below.
$43.98 for one month
$83.94 for 3 months
$143.88 for 6 months.
What are this sites return policies?
Paid membership can be cancelled at any time.   However in case you do not cancel your subscription, the site will continue to charge you with automatic renewals there will be no refund in case subscription is not cancelled. All purchases are final and the site does not refund any subscription for any unused period.

Customer service

The site can be easily contacted in the USA. Its corporate Office Headquarters address is
8300 Douglas Avenue suite 800
Dallas, Texas 75225
Corporate phone number is 1-214-576-9352
Email support is available at


The feedback for the site is good. In fact it is the big daddy of Irish dating sites. As the allure of Irish girls is tremendous the site is thriving. The general rating is 4 stars on a five point scale and is perhaps one of the finest dating sites.