Saturday, February 7, 2015

Dr Ward Believed Sex is the Great Unifier : True?

In the early fifties a respected Doctor named Ward was charged with living off the earnings of prostitution. Noe per se , prostitution is not an offence in England( where this arraignment took place), but living off the earnings of women prostitutes is an offence. Dr. Ward was arrested, but the details that emerged brought out that Dr Ward believed he was doing good by trying to unite the world with sex.

 Dr Ward thus would organise sex parties and orgies where participants copulated to fulfillment. Thus blacks mated with white women and many famous personages became sex slaves of beautiful young women prostitutes. The War Minister John Profuma began a torrid love affair with a girl called Christine Keeler. Many other senior government officials and politicians began sexual liaisons with young girls, half or one third their ages.

Dr Ward had the naive belief that in effect he was uniting the world.When a man and a woman copulate, its a frenzy and passion and the greatest joy on earth. But its not so simple as emotions like jealousy and hatred come to fore. This charade of sex for unity had to burst. The police broke in and Dr ward was arrested and John Profuma had to resign.

Come to think of it , love is a great unifier, but just plain sex is an animal instinct. Dr Ward misread this and finally committed suicide. Maybe he was 4 generations ahead of this concept.