Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Personal Experience :Love and an American Girl 62

Seduction is an art, but it cannot be learnt. It is a trait that is in built and the spearhead of this is desire. I have had my fair share of women in my life, but one incident with an American girl remains unforgettable. Frankly she was not a girl but a young lady doctor. That's a lot of qualification, so I wonder whether to call it a seduction or by any other name. But in any case I was older to her by 2 decades.

The second question that bugs me is whether I used my influence as the boss to have carnal knowledge of her body or was it plain and simple an act of mutual consent. Frankly I have no clear cut answer to this.

Over a decade back I had taken over as the project Director of a UN aided tribal welfare project. It was a place in the wilderness, almost as the city was about 30 km away. I enjoyed my work which took me in my land cruiser to distant and remote parts of the Western Ghats. I interacted with the tribal people and realized that this group had been left in a time warp and needed a concerted and conscientious push to take them forward.

As the director I had a string of highly qualified doctors and scientists to help me and they were a self-less lot. Most were from the USA with idealist zeal. One of the doctors from the USA was from New York. She was about 26-28 and a typical American girl. She came from a broken home as her father had deserted her mother.  Maybe that told on her psyche. Invariably Sally (I will give her this name and not the actual one) and me were thrown a lot together in our work. As a woman I was always concerned for her and invariably took her for trips into tribal areas with me.

This constant companionship began to have an effect on me and I used to observe her for long periods. She had lovely legs and small breasts that sometimes strained against the blouse. She wore short skirts or jeans, but it was Sally in skirts that i loved to see. She was positively sexy and the flames of desire soon began to overtake me.

The monsoon in the Ghats is like an avalanche and one day in the monsoon I parked the cruiser under a tree and allowed the rain to lessen. At that critical moment we sat together in the vehicle and I opened a flask of coffee which I always carried with me. I gave her and she was positively happy.  I than did something inexplicable. Normally I would never have done it, but this time I did. I said
“Sally, you are beautiful".
She just smiled. Maybe she was aware if my longing for her as I had long been eyeing her on various trips.
“Sally I desire you"
I said these words in a matter of fact way. I wonder how Don Juan or any great seducer would have acted, but I said the forbidden words.  Her reply astonished me. She said
“I know".
The heavens now broke asunder and thunder boomed and boomed again and the visibility outside was reduced to zero. The lashing rain and my desire or Sally's desire moved on one road: up the peak of passion. I caught her hand and kissed it and then bent low and lifted her feet and took the sneakers off her and began sucking her toes succinctly.
"Stop" she said “Don’t. Nobody has done this to me ".
I continued sucking her toes and whispered “Sally let me worship you. This is the way love is done in the East as per the Kama sutra".
I elongated the back seat and laid Sally on it, as from the toes I moved up, tracing a pattern with my tongue. I remember baring her mons and then started a long kiss of the most feminine part of her body.As I paid my homage I whispered

" This is natural and beautiful and they happen in their own time."

She looked at me, straight in the eyes, and my heart automatically beat faster, my stomach dried as I was reminded of things we can share - kisses and contact and ourselves - and the thought makes me breathe a little harder and the best part she  smiled at me. I have to take several deep breaths before I can think straight again. I realize my pulse has quickened. A bead of sweat rolls down my forehead and sticks a lock of hair to my skin. Sally wiped it off my face slowly as I look at her painstakingly, with such delicacy, like she is beautiful and fragile, like she is  priceless, like she is some work of art, or something so perfect that you don't want to disturb it, but so beautiful that you can't help risking just a small touch. I knew exactly how she felt felt as I approached her beauty spot.

.No” she whispered hoarsely" No! Don’t, nobody has done this to me ".
I tasted her and paid my homage as advised by Vatsyayana in his monumental l treatise. I spent what an eon was ministering her before after almost 40 minutes it was over. I had followed the Tantric ritual of sex and as I continued I knew that I was the victor.

What a seduction. I will never forget it.Sally remained for 3 more months and it was a heady affair. What happened after that is another story, but friends sometimes it is good to get over ones thoughts and deeds as it is expiations from the mind of acts that are on the spur of the moment.