Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Beheadings is now given Refuge only in Islam

Beheading, the Barbaric Custom is Still Alive and Kicking
Severance of the head with one blow of the sword or an axe from the body is often referred to as beheading. It means the removal of the head from the body and was a practice in the medieval age. But with time this practice ceased in the Christian world and India as the society in these countries felt that this punishment was an anomaly as far as human behavior is concerned.

Beheadings however surfaced in the Far East especially in Japan where it began to be associated with the samurai and chivalry. Though one cannot fathom how a nation following the path of Buddha could have taken part in these types of punishments. The fact is Japan embraced this custom of killing an opponent with a sword like a fish to water and at a conservative estimate Japan must have from the period oh the twenties to the end of the Second World War carried out at least a million beheadings. The Japanese soldiers played Bizzare games as they competed to reach the magical figure of 100 beheadings individually.

The end of the war saw an end to this barbaric practice. No amount of self justification can explain why POW’s were beheaded in a most cruel and heartless manner. At the end of the war many Japanese officers and men were tried and hanged for these crimes.

However throughout this period of world history Islamic nations embraced this form of punishment as it is specified in the Shariat. Presently at least 4 Islamic nations like Saudi Arabia, Iran and Yeman among others have this punishment on their statute books. They justify it as a part of the Shariat which is derived from the Islamic scriptures. Iran is guilty of beheading the CIA director of Beirut who was abducted by Hezbollah and spirited to Iran. It was a most barbaric crime as was the beheading of Daniel pearl in Pakistan,

Presently the militant Islamic groups use this form of punishment to wreak vengeance on their enemies. It us justified as part of Koranic law. The Islamic state has made it  a ritual.
 The aim is to cow down the enemy and by all means is a heartless act. Saudi Arabia is the leader where even a princess and her lover were beheaded on the early eighties. It is a pity the USA is allied to such a nation and is America’s   strategic partner. One can die laughing on a bed of nails at this perfidy.

Will beheading go away? No chance as hardliners feels it is condoned by the Islamic religion.