Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why Girls in Bikini's are Alluring to Men ?

Recently I had been to Mumbai and fixed up for a glass of beer at the US Club , Colaba . This is the premier club of the armed forces of India and it traces its origin to the days of the Raj.  My friend suggested a glass of beer next to the pool. As I sipped the beer, I observed a bevy of girls in bikini's swimming and running around the pool. It was a sight to warm any man and it was a pleasure to note that  all men sitting or swimming around the pool ogled the girls in bikini. I also looked and mentally selcted a Indian girl in black bikini.  I wondered whether later I could bag an intro to her.

At the same time a wider question popped in my mind. I wondered why girls in bikini's attract men more than honey attracts bees. Women know that they attract men and I am afraid the fact is they wear skimpy suits to look attrative and be desired. I wonder how many women will deny this.

I now touch on a deeper philosophy. Eve was created by God for Adam as a companion and a love mate. What does this mean? It means that women were created for men. No offense meant, but it's a fact that is so very true. Women thus want to be desired and what better method than to wear a bikini and flaunt a lovely body( if you have one)..
This also applies to Muslim girls and I know so many who wear bikib's in defiance of the ulema. The fact is man is an animal, more like a lion( excuse the simili). A woman is the most desired object in life and it's but natural that a man would love to see the hidden treasures of the body.
The bikini entices and opens a exotic world.  men would love it and women would be pretty unhappy if there was no one to admire them.