Wednesday, February 18, 2015

The West is Responsible for Mayhem Murder in Libya by Removing Gaddafi

The news from Libya is disconcerting. There is violence and instability and worse the Islamic state has gained tremendous clout. The IS is a hard line Muslim organization that seeks to establish a Islamic caliphate all over the world. They consider the west led by the USA as their main opponent.

Violence is endemic to Libya. The start of this anarchist period coincided with the murder of Gaddafi by his opponents and active participation by USA and the west. Just after the exit of Gaddafi, the American ambassador was assassinated in Benghazi. Killings have reached a new crescendo and sectarian killings are rife. The latest is the execution by beheading of 21 Egyptian Christians by the IS. I recollect sometime back 2 Pakistani sisters were gangraped in front of their father.

The state of Libya has now slipped into anarchy and 'good governance' simply non existant. There are repeated attacks in Tripoli and just a few days back Islamic extremists stormed a luxury hotel in Tripoli. The entire Libya is gripped by Islamic terror spearheaded by the IS. Whoas well  is responsible for this state of affairs?

A look back will show that by helping Gaddafi get murdered the West led by the US committed a heinous crime. They removed the one man who had brought stability and rule of law in Libya as well as smashing Islamic extremist organisations like all Qaeda. Gaddafi was the first man to issue an arrest warrant against Osama bin Laden.

The USA and the fading powers UK and France destroyed Libya and have unleashed forces that cannot be controlled. Can we have a war crime trial of George Bush and John Major?