Monday, February 23, 2015

A Dating site with a Difference: from England.

Sarah Beeny and her Dating Site

Sarah Beeny is a TV presenter in the UK and the site www.mysinglefriend .com is her brainchild. Started in 2004 this site is an exclusive British dating site but has a subtle difference from other dating sites. What does this site sell? The TV presenter Sarah Beeny started this site in 2002. The site strives hard to be different from the normal dating sites. The site allows a partner or friend to describe your qualities which are incorporated in your profile.

The site can be joined by anyone who is single or married and name should not be thought of as applicable to singles only.

Unique Approach

The site allows a friend to describe your qualities which are listed. Only one friend can describe you, but he or she can quote other friends if required. This is something unique as descriotions by some one close to you can be published. Yu need not write your own introduction.
Costs .

The site has a free and paid membership. Free membership allows you to browse the site and display your photo and bio data on the site, but to progress further and interact with members a paying membership is a must. The rates for paid membership are £28 for 1 month £55 for 3 months (£18.33 per month) £79 for 6 months (£13.17 per month)

Last Word

Paid membership opens a host of benefits like sending and answering emails, chatting and video chat. The site is one of the most popular dating sites in the UK and the success rate is quite high.

I am aware that officers from the IAF on British aircraft  became members of this site with excellent results.  One of my colleagues even reigned his commission to settle in England with an English girl. You can’t marry a foreign national in the Indian Air Force. The site will require your bank details for all payments. The information is secure and stored and not accessible to any third person.

The site has many success stories and many people have found love on this site