Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why Should Anybody Fear an Iranian Nuclear Bomb

There is a hue and cry about Iran having a nuclear bomb. The International Atomic Energy commission has confirmed that Iran is going for a bomb. It should be understood that in case a country does have a bomb, it really has no meaning till it has a delivery system as well. An atomic bomb just cannot be loaded on a plane and thrown out manually. Thus even if Iran does perfect a bomb or two, it must have a delivery system in the form of a long range bomber or a missile. I am afraid Iran has nothing like it and to perfect a delivery system can easily take 10 years. Thus an atomic bomb in the hands of Iran is more likely to be a paper tiger. What then is the problem? It appears the fear is more political and whipped up hysteria. The problem is USA and Israel just want to beat the Iran bogey. After all they did nothing when Pakistan developed a nuclear bomb. So I guess the problem of Iran getting the bomb is something else.