Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Rahul Gandhi does a Self Goal

The UP elections were important as they were supposed to be stepping stone to Rahul Gandhi's drive to the Prime Ministership of India. As I have earlier written a Wwin for Rahul would have cemented his position. But a defeat would have deep repurcussions. This has happened. Despite a strenous campaign Rahul has lost in UP. The Congress despite an alliance with the Lok Dal leader Ajit Singh has won a measly 37 seats. The writing is thus on the wall that Rahul does not have the charisma of his great grandfather and fathet. The fact that even in the Amethi constituency, the pocket burrough of the Gandhis.,theCongress has come a cropper. Rahul's dream of leading India I suppose would be in some jeopardy. The fact is that the Gandhi aura has diminshed. Perhaps he made some serious mistakes. The formost was his playing muslim card, by way of appeasement by promising a Muslim quota. He didnt learn from his fathers mistake, who to appease the Muslim vote bank overturned the Supreme Court judgement in the Shah Bano case with a constitutional amendment. Itdidnt help Rijiv who lost power. Rahul will have to do a lot of introspection now. But perhaps I have a gut feeling that this Gandhi may noybe prime minister of India, now or in the future.