Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sex Tourism- A New Rage ** 80

The world has changed and it is easier to reach anywhere in the world faster and cheaper than it was a 100 years ago. This has led to a new form of tourism where a man or a woman specifically travels to another country for sexual gratification. In case it is with consenting adults it is not a crime, but in case children are involved it crosses the limits of law and is punishable.
Several countries have become preferred destinations for sex tourists. These are the nations where the women search for men partners. For many it becomes a livelihood and source of income. Organized gangs also operate who cater to the desires of men of all ages for an exotic companion. The preferred destinations for man are Brazil, Costa Rica, Cuba, Kenya, Netherlands, The Philippines, Colombia and Thailand. This list is by no means exhaustive and there are many more destinations that can also cater to this form of tourism. Perhaps the exception is the rigid Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, where this sort of tourism is simply non existent. These tours are popular and serve a definite emotional and psychological purpose. They can be relaxing and a source of rejuvenation. This is in effect a re-jig of Vatsysana’s treatise of sexual rejuvenation and one path to the route to youth. There is no doubt that there is no bigger elixir than sex in this world. There is now reverse sex tourism in vogue as well, which did not exist earlier. With greater freedom and independence women from the developed world do take tours for sex. These are female sex tourists and they frequent places in Brazil, Portugal, The Caribbean, Indonesia, Thailand and Greece. Such tours are taken by women who are generally between the ages of 30-50. These are all women tour groups and escorts are arranged for the women. Many young men in these nations sustain themselves as escorts for these women. They can earn handsome money.